Roaring Fork – Scottsdale, AZ

Well, I’m back in Scottsdale for a week plus and was looking for some places to eat.  Upon my arrival last Thursday night, a couple of co-workers suggested that we meet up at The Roaring Fork restaurant, not too far from out hotel.

The restaurant is located in an office building complex, right off of the main drag (Scottsdale Road).  Finding it was somewhat of a challenge but not overly so.  They could definitely use better signage.  I had made a reservation for 5 about 25 minutes (via OpenTable) before arrival, and when we did arrive at the appointed hour we were immediately seated.  Excellent start!

The basic wine list was on the flaps of the menu, and there was a good selection both by the glass and bottle.  The prices were reasonable, but leaned towards the higher end.  I did not ask if there was a reserve list, but suspect that there probably was.  I went with a Truchard Pinot Noir by the glass that was quite tasty with my meal.  I did not note the vintage, but it was about $14 a glass.

We elected to share some appetizers and ordered one of their signature dishes –  Green Chile Pork Stew as well as an interesting fried avocado with crab, spicy remolaude and chives.  The stew was mixed with melted jack cheese and was eaten with a flour tortilla.  Everybody at the table loved the stew (obviously I passed because of the cheese).  The avocado was interesting; very tasty, but the fried part did not really add much in my mind.  I would actually have preferred it unfried with the crab and sauce.

There was a range of dinner plates ordered including a cedar planked salmon, the mixed grill and I had the sugar cured duck breast.  We also invested in a couple of sides including sauted spinach and onions, sauted asparagus and crushed yukon gold potatoes.  Once again, everybody loved their meal.  The duck was perfectly cooked medium-rare and included an onion jam (did not care too much for this), sour cherry mustard and cabbage.  This worked very nicely with pinot – the earthiness of the wine matched perfectly.

The food was an absolute delight.  Service was prompt and attentive.  The ambience was good, with perhaps a touch too much emphasis on low key lighting – it was a tad dark at our table.

I would definitely recommend the Roaring Fork and would certainly return – oh wait, I already did!  Yep, Sunday night found us there once again.  I pretty much stuck to the same meal and was just as impressed.  They have a couple of other locations – Austin and San Antonio, TX – and are part of a small restaurant chain – Eddie V’s, which also includes Eddie V’s and Wildfish.

The final thing that really sold me on the Roaring Fork was the fact that on Friday I got a call wanting to ensure that we had enjoyed our evening.  Now, that is great customer service!


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