Kumo Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar – Venice, FL

We’ve been looking for a really good sushi restaurant ever since we left Birmingham, and think that we may have found it.  Not too long ago, we went with a co-worker of Allison’s to Kumo and enjoyed it a lot.  Last night we had an opportunity to return and it impressed us even more.

It was fairly quiet for a Sunday evening, and we promptly were seated at the Sushi Bar.  The wait service was relatively prompt, but maybe not as quick as you’d expect considering the lack of business.  Minor point.

We ordered a variety of sashimi – maguro (tuna), sake (salmon), ebi (shrimp), akagai (red clam), ikura (salmon roe) and the special of the night – toro (fatty tuna).  In addition we chose a couple of rolls – a spicy tuna and a volcano roll.

The fish was fantastic; perfectly fresh and very large pieces – Allison actually was cutting hers in two.  The toro was rich and creamy, and very reasonably priced at $6 for an order (2 pieces).  The spicy tuna roll was very good, but the volcano was not what we expected at all.  It is amazing at how different rolls are from restaurant to restaurant.  Even though it sounded similar to what we were used to, it was different.  Basically a california roll with a spicy topping – except the topping wasn’t spicy at all.

We haven’t tried the teppanyaki – yet – but it smelled very good as well.  As I mentioned, the service was okay but not great, and the restaurant is fairly small but otherwise everthing is top notch.  If you are in the Venice area looking for good sushi, we definitely recommend giving Kumo a try.


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