Lunch at Crab and Fin – St. Armands, Sarasota, FL

Allison and I have been talking about going down to St. Armands circle and just walking around looking at the shops for some time now. So yesterday, since we were headed to Michael’s Wine Cellar for the monthly tasting anyway we decided to hit the circle and also pick up lunch while we were there. We’d also been thinking about checking out Crab and Fin, and decided that lunch there would be a good option.

Outdoor seating (at least for lunch) was help yourself, so we found a table where we could enjoy our meal and people watch at the same time. Almost immediately we were presented with menus and asked about drinks. Allison decided to go with a frozen mojito while I stuck with tea.
To start, we split an order of tuna tataki. This was a large helping of yellowfin tuna that had been crusted with black seasame seeds and then seared rare, served atop a bed of pickled cucumber and sided by wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce. The fish was delicious! And the cucumber was a light and refreshing contrast. The only negative I could find was that I thought that it was overly coated in seasame seeds, but this was only a minor issue.
Allison went with a Alaskan king crab cobb salad which was huge. Romaine lettuce topped with honey mustard dressing, apple wood smoked bacon, bleu cheese, diced tomato, chopped egg and black olives with a pretty generous helping of king crab. This was definitely a meal unto itself.
I went with a blackened group sandwich, served on a fresh bun with lettuce, tomato, red onion and tarter sauce and accompanied by some really good fries. The fish was perfectly cooked, not overly blackened and very moist and tender.
Overall, we were more than satisfied with the quality and quantity of the food and the service was impeccable. Unfortunately, this came at a price – and a pretty darn high price at that. After leaving the waiter 15% (which he deserved), the check came to just under $70 which is absolutely nuts for lunch! I know that they are in the heart of St. Armands circle – the high rent district – but this was just absurd. So, bottom line — great food and service, but the prices will likely prevent us from returning. Bummer…

Crab & Fin Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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