Mozaic Restaurant – Downtown Sarasota

Allison wanted to go down to the bayfront last night and watch the 4th of July fireworks. Since we were going to be down there anyway, and had been wanting to try Mozaic we made reservations for 7:30.

Mozaic appears to be fairly small when you first walk-in, but they have an upstairs area and is pretty decent sized after all. We were promptly greeted and seated, even though we showed up about 15 minutes early for our reservation. We were given a table upstairs and next to the railing, so we overlooked the front door and dining room, as well as had views of the sidewalk through ample windows along the front and could somewhat people watch.
The service overall was very, very good; however, at times, it tended to be a little too slow. We were promptly brought water and our drink orders taken but it wasn’t until our appetizers were at the table that we got silverware and utensils. Not a major issue, just a minor pet peeve.
Allison ordered wild mushroom ravioli for an appetizer. The ravioli was freshly made, and she declared that it was perfect. I had a duck leg confit, which was served over an orange infused risotto, and it too was spot on.
For an entre, I selected the trio – grilled lamb rack, spiced duck breast and blue crab flan. The lamb was perfectly medium-rare, and there were 2 pretty good sized pieces. The duck was cooked just right, although the spice could have been a bit over the top. I really am not sure what the blue crab flan was supposed to bring to the dish. It was good, but there was very little crab and it just didn’t work with the other meat in my opinion. This was served with potatoes gratin and some grilled vegtables. Over all, I loved this dish.
Allison ordered the special – grilled Ahi Tuna. The tuna was cooked rare, exactly as ordered. Unfortunately, it was over salted and she had to trim the edge off in order to eat it. The restaurant did not charge us for this, which was the right thing to do in my opinion, and both the owner (or manager – not sure which) as well as the chef both came over to the table to apologize.
I elected to forgo desert, instead settling for a cup of decaf coffee while Allison ordered a chocolate mousse with sorbet which she absolutely loved.
We decided to go with a bottle, rather than individual wines, this time and choose a 2006 La Spinetta Ca’Di Pian Barbera d’Asti. We were looking for something that would go with the range of dishes we had ordered and overall this worked pretty well. It was a touch heavier that I thought it would be but quite delicious. Notes of red cherry and cassis balanced by mild tannins and acidity. The wine prices appeared to be very reasonable.
Overall, we gave this visit 4 stars – only because of the tuna. We had a great time, and will definitely be going back.
By the way – they also have a Saturday afternoon wine/food tasting. For $15 you get 5 wines and 3 small plates, plus a $10 gift certificate for the restaurant! Wow!! We can’t wait to try this one out next week.

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